Freedom is Happiness II Album Experience 

Day 3!

The one that probably brought you here..

All Jealous

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Right in the Middle of the Project, you are hit with

“ALL Jealous”. 

A pure pop tune with carribean inspired drums and what might be the most catchy hook I’ll ever come up with, it is truly just a fun song to dance along to at anytime. “All Jealous” was the last song I wrote for Freedom is Happiness II, I was finished with the other 4 songs, and still needed something for this track on the day I was going to the studio! 20 minutes before I had to leave, I sat down and wrote this song, and immeditaely knew I had something special. Sometimes the best songs just happen naturally. I used this song for the @PinkFader “Zero-to-1 Million” video contest, for which we went to beautiful Barbados to shoot a video. I ended up placing as a runner-up for the contest, but honestly the experience that it provided me and the song that resulted from it was just as good as a win.

Produced by: Pink Fader

Recorded by: Billy Syn, Valley of the Kings


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